In 2006, we made a comedy feature called BLEEP LOVE. We had great fun shooting it, because we had been able to cast some really good talents of Houston. In 2014, we wrote a series based upon the same screenplay. We wanted to get the series done at that time, but before we could take it off the ground, we got busy shooting A Curry on an American Plate (2015), Orphan Train (2015), Orphan Train Series (2016-2017) and 6 Rounds of Chloe (2018).
Finally, now with 6 Rounds of Chloe completed, we have decided to move forward with this hilarious comedy series before we start anything else.

If you were involved in the film version and would like to participate in the series, please send us an email, as we would love to have some of our original cast in the series.

Synopsis : Broken hearts, bruised egos, bleeding souls meet at an artist’s cafe every day, and keep their dreams alive.

Writer-Director : Trisha Ray-B
Starring : Eric Roberts, San Banarje, Kamala Lopez

Shooting Period : February/March 2020
Location : Houston

The following roles are roles that we are now casting for.

Actors must have excellent comedic timing and skills. Must be available to shoot in Houston. Must have comedic reel to show.

JAKE : mid 20s – mid 30s, model, Mia’s love interest. Supporting

RON : 30s – Engineer, Extreme OCD. Just broken up with girlfriend and is looking to mend his heart. Lead

OLEANDER : 40s – 60s – cafe owner, extremely serious but very sweet. Supporting.

BIG EDDIE : 30s – big, buffed up guy who works with Ron, and tries to be his romantic life mentor, which does not suit well with Ron. Supporting

NATASHA : Any age group, receptionist at Ron and Eddie’s office. Supporting

NIKI : 20s – 30s drag queen, extremely romantic and stunningly beautiful. Male or Female. Lead.

MR. NAIDU : 40s – 60s, East Indian movie investor. Supporting


Submit recent full body picture/close up shot, comedic monologue/reel to:
Subject : Bleep Love Series

Please mention if you are union.

Production Company : Next Actor Films, Lake Camp Productions

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